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Miracles in Motion

Therapeutic Equestrian Center


Hey guys! My name is Aspen, and I am a palomino colored quarter horse.  I was born in 1997, making me 20 years old.  Before Miracles I started my career as a lesson horse at Kirkwood Community College. I was then purchased by Scott Studt and his wife to be her trail horse.  They then donated me to Miracles to be a therapy horse in  February 2015.   I haven't been at Miracles for a long time but I am already taking part in the veterans program, therapeutic riding program, and leadership program.  My students love my energy I bring to every class, and if I didn't say hi to you I will surely make my way around to do so. 

Adopted by Nancy Hauserman. 


Hello! I’m Aussie. I am a Nakota red roan  born in the wild in 1995. I was adopted by the police force and worked with them for awhile, spent 10 years with another family, and was then adopted by a board member to become a jumping horse for her daughter. Aussie was donated to Miracles in September 2014. When you see the Australian continent shape on Aussie's body (see photo), you will understand the origin of his name.


Who has the sweetest and softest looking eyes at Miracles? Yeah…. that’s me. My name is Bear, which is fitting because my eyes make me look like a teddy bear. I’m a 14.3 hand, bay, Quarter Horse and was born 4/30/1995. Robin and Brian Duetschendorf brought me into their lives and I was Brian’s first horse. We spent many years training and trail riding together. He decided with me getting older that he was ready to give me a break from their fast paced lifestyles and donated me to Miracles in April 2014. I'm now being used in the veterans and leadership programs.

Blaze - 

Well you won't have any problem telling me from the other horses at Miracles. My large stature, short legs, and long mane and tail really set me apart. Hi, my name is Blaze and I'm a 14 hand Belgian & Halflinger Pony mix. I'm in my mid 20's and came to Miracles in 2013 and have loved my life here. The instructors love me because I'm short & easy to side-walk with but strong enough to hold some adult riders. I'm currently being used in our Therapeutic Riding & Veterans program. I love my students and volunteers very much and they say I'm the sweetest guy at Miracles!

Adopted by the Deisbeck family.


Hhhhaaayyyy guys! My name is Brett and I’m one of the newest additions to Miracles. I came with my friend Raven. I look different from the horses because I’m a Rocky Mountain horse and have a pretty suety palomino color with flaxen mane and tail. I’m a big guy standing around 16 hands. I was born on April 20th 2005. I had really good training as a pleasure/trail horse and was bought by Bill Boyd. He wanted me to go to a good home and thought I would make a good therapy horse with my smooth gait and gentle spirit. The people here think he’s right. I started my training at Miracles on October 15, 2014 and have been used for many therapeutic riding classes and hippotherapy sessions in 2017.


I’m Charlie and I’m a bay Quarter Pony and was born in 1992. Most of my life I've just been worked in the arena at my old home as a kids pony and for a short time used as a 4H show pony. Before my life with Kathy Brenneman,who donated me to Miracles in 2014, I was trained as a barrel horse but I’m pretty content with the idea of a laid back therapy horse lifestyle. I'm still getting used to all the new things I come in contact with at Miracles in Motion but I love people and had my first class this year in our Leadership Program. Once I finish the rest of my training I will also be used in Therapeutic Riding and Hippo-therapy Programming. 


Cinco -

Cinco is a 12 year old Quarter Horse.  He was born on the 5/5/2005 in paddock 5 about 5:00 pm, therefore:  Cinco.

Cinco loves trail rides and apples.  He is especially fond of women and kids and loves to pose for pictures. He can be a bit stubborn and wants you to show him why he needs to listen to you.  It takes patience and persistence but once he is comfortable, he will do anything you ask.mHe freely takes a bit, but prefers his Bosal or a bitless bridle.  He has a smooth trot and wonderful canter.


Diamond is a fitting name for me because I really am a Diamond at Miracles. My volunteers, instructors, and students just love me because I’m such a good boy. I’m a 14.2 hand sorrel Quarter Horse, owned by Heather Oppenheimer. Heather knew I would be great at Miracles because I was always amazing for her. We would run barrels, do rodeos, and pole bending with me. I’m very athletic and am really not scared of much and love any attention I get. Since I'm so wonderful I'm used in all of the Miracles programs!


Jasper here! If you don’t know me I’m sure you will soon because I’m one of the hippotherapy horses at Miracles. I’m a small Quarter Pony with a pretty bay color but white bald face and 3 white socks (I seemed to have lost my front left sock). I was born in 1989 and I’m 13 hands tall. I work out really well at Miracles because I’m not afraid and I am very well mannered and because I’m so short anyone can side-walk with me. I’m such a good size and have a nice easy movement that side walkers and horse leaders love working with me. Since I'm getting older only little kids get to ride me but I love all people and I'm very happy with my job and home at Miracles in Motion.

Little Guy -

I may be called Little Guy, but I’m not the smallest guy at Miracles…..only the 2nd smallest. Although I’m small I’m not a baby…. I’m already 17 years old! I was born in 2000 and I’m half miniature horse and half Shetland pony. In 2006 Aaron and Liz Wright donated me to Miracles along with my buddy Scooter! My job at Miracles is to go out to community events to be the face of Miracles and to teach people that are afraid of the big horses how to groom and care for horses, since I’m a little less intimidating. I love my job at Miracles and I’m very good at it. When I’m not working though I love as much hay and grass as I can get and playing with my best friend Mr. Sea.

I am a quarter horse with a big white blaze that is wider at the top of my head than at my nose. I came to Miracles in 2016 and am happy to be so well loved and used. You can see me with riders in therapeutic riding classes and hippotherapy sessions.  You will notice that I am patient and gentle and I respond quickly when asked to do something.

Mr. Sea -

Mr. Sea is my name… don’t wear it out! My best friend is Little Guy but I’m actually the littlest horse at Miracles. I’m a Falabella and I’m only 29 inches tall. I’m around 21 years old and have learned many talents over my years. My job is being used in the ground program, helping train volunteers how to groom, and to be used for community events to help promote our program. I’m pretty friendly and like people, but please remember I’m small and to approach me calmly and give me lots of love and rewards because you’re much bigger than I am.

Raven -

I don’t think this website really needs a picture of me… it’s not like I’m hard to tell from the other horses being the only black and white paint at Miracles. I’m Raven. I’m a 15 hand registered pleasure saddle horse, born 2/1/2006. I was recently donated to Miracles by Bill Boyd and I’m fitting in well with my new herd. I also love people. I will come right up to you and try to play with you by chewing on your coat or nudging your face. I’m often considered to be a goofball. I've been used a lot for therapeutic riding and  used in our Veterans program.

Scooter -

Scooter here! Are you in love with me yet?….Well you will be! I’m a Bay Standardbred and was born in 1991 and have had a busy life since then! I’ve had 3 major jobs in my life. I was a race horse for awhile and then I also did riot control for the police force. I came to Miracles in 2006 as a donation by Lisa and Aaron Wright and have been a therapy horse ever since! I love my job and I’m very good at it. I'm used in all the programming at Miracles but since I'm such a good ride mostly the Therapeutic Riding and Hippo-Therapy Program. I love to be told I'm doing great and my favorite part of the day is if my student brings me an apple to eat after class!