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Miracles in Motion

Therapeutic Equestrian Center

We reached our goal!

Our 2018  year-end campaign to raise $15,000 was successful. Thank you.

Miracles in Motion continues to provide programs that build confidence, comfort, strength, and community because of the donors and volunteers that support our efforts. Any amount is welcome and will be used to sustain the miracles we see all the time at Miracles in Motion.  If you would like to help support Miracles in Motion by volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Now page. If you can reinforce our strong foundation with a donation, please see our donation possibilities. Perhaps you can join the monthly donation group We Believe in Miracles. Some of the giving options are:

     * Adopt a Horse for $100/month, $1200/year

     * Provide a rider in need with a scholarship for one session for $225

     * All our horses need senior horse food. Provide one month's food for $50


2017 Donors

Business, Corporation, Foundation, and Grant Income

$2500 or greater

Hills Bank & Trust 

$1000 - $2,499 


Alliant Energy 

Master Tool & Manufacturing 

$500 - $999 

Baldwin Saddle Club 

CR Corvette Club 

Highway Equipment Co 

Iowa Quarter Horse Assn Dst 1 

Iowa Quarter Horse Assn Dst 2 

James Investment Group, Inc. 

McNutt Equine Veterinary 

Rockwell Collins 

Univ of Iowa Community Credit Union 

$20 - $499 

Barr Asset Management 

Cedar Rapids Eyecare 

Conrad Auxilliary Unit 

County Johnson Irish 

D & R Pest Control 

F J Krob Company 

Farmers State Bank 

GM Your Choice 

Kiracofe Oil Company 

M & W Manufacturing 

Marion Process Solutions 

Marshall Co Auxiliary 

Nelson Manufacturing Co 

St. Pius X Parish 

United Way 


Carleen & Eugene Grandon Charitable Foundation 

Crescent Janko Masonic 

McIntyre Foundation 

Millhiser Smith Foundation

James and Mary Pratt Charitable Foundation 

Rick & Donna Flynn Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation 



Pilot Club of Iowa City 

South Slope Cooperative Communications 

Washington County Riverboat Foundation

Donations in Honor and in Memory 

In memory of: 

Carole Ribble 

Verne Upmier 

Mary Jo Fitzpatrick 

Mary Besler 

Michelle Pettitt 

Linus Wenthold 

Ryan Brems 

Alex Brems 

Steve Squires 

Helen Beeghly 

Art V. O'Haver 

B.J. & Rudy

Blue, Diane Roetlin's horse 

Lacina's horses

In honor of: 

David Hannon 

Lois James 

Dyan Kriener 

Molly Sharkey 

Larry & Diana Pesek 

William Conkling 

Jeff Conkling 

James Conkling 

Elizabeth Hurst 

Erica Young 

Nancy Hauserman 

Maddie DeVore 

Jan Gorman

Ronnye Wieland 

Logan Hansen 

Victoria Spain 

Miracles in Motion Board of Directors 

In Kind 

Bob & Robin Shulty, Ace Electric 

Rik Smith, Anamosa Veterinarian Clinic 

Amy Hendricks, Animal Health International 

Jeff Cox, Bo Brown Company 

Butch Kasparek, Butch’s Water Services 

Jefferson-Monroe Fire Department, Swisher 

Ken Johnson, Ken Johnson Construction 

Lynch Plumbing 

Dr. James McNutt, DVM 

Jean Bott, Stuart Carmen & Associates 

Lisa Blomme

Mary Chadwick 

Maddie DeVore 

Ashley Garretson 

Jan Gorman 

Diana Harris 

Rob Hill

Lois James 

Pat Kenner 

James Long

Ken Manley 

Amy McClure 

John Mickelsen 

Karla Miller 

Suzanne Miller 

Emma Frimml-Morgan 

Haley Paulsen 

Kirk Sissel 

Lee Smith 

Rebecca Tranter

Jackie Wallace 

Ronnye Wieland 

Patricia Wymore

Individual Donations

$10,000 or greater


James, Lois

Walker, Jean 

$2,500 - $9,999 


Bernacki, Dan & Rhonda 

Tranter, Rebecca 

Wilhelm, Jacqueline 

$500 - $2,499 

Anonymous ( 3) 

Brems, Colleen & Bob 

Bower, Luann at Dark Horse Farm 

Ells, Don & Gwen 

Faust, Kenneth 

Hauser, Stephen 

Hauserman, Nancy 

Lehman, William & Cheryl 

Price, Dean 

Schnebbe, Harlan & Barbara 

Smith, Lee 

Wild, Anthony 


Anderson, Sharon 

Aneweer, Michael 

Anonymous (3)

Arnold, Kristin  & Nagel, Alan 

Audia, Mary 

Begunck, Phyllis 

Berdo, Tom 

Bickner, Robyn 

Boyd, Diane 

Brown, Randy 

Chadwick, Mary 

Chrystal, Janice 

Coggeshall, Melissa 

DeBoer, Corky 

Decker, Kathie 

Deisbeck, Chuck & Ellen 

Drahozal, Norine 

Fairchild, Cynthia 

Fitzpatrick, Kerry 

Gallet, Lisa & Andre 

Gorman, Jan 

Gorman, Zach 

Green, Tricia 

Hamilton, Andrew 

Harris, Diana 

Hayes, James 

Hetherington, Cheryl 

Hoffman, Christine 

Hopkins, Linda & Nate 

Hopper, Darwin 

Hotchkiss, Holly 

Kuperman, Samuel 

Lamb, Glynda 

Lesser, John

Lewis, John 

Lueras, Patricia

McClure, Amy 

McGowan, Margaret 

Meade, Dick 

Miller, Karla 

Miller, Kevin 

Mockler, Shelley 

Molloy, Joan 

Naso, Ginny 

Nauseff, Judith 

Noble, Ellen 

Nolte, Dave 

Oliver Wiand, Dawn 

Oxley, Dawn 

Petry, David & Nancy 

Pulkrabek, Lonny 

Roetlin, Diane 

Rynes-Weller, Sara 

Schneider, Mark 

Shullaw, Susan 

Soska, Kate 

Strnad, Lyse 

Tanner, Anne 

Tarrant, Liz 

Thompson, Sue Ann 

Valenta, Ann, Steve, Rosemary, Aaron, & Luke 

Wallace, Jackie 

Weber, Dustin 

Wieland, Ronnye 

Young, Brian 

Zehr, Fred & Joann