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Miracles in Motion

Therapeutic Equestrian Center

We reached our goal!

Our 2018  year-end campaign to raise $15,000 was successful. Thank you.

Miracles in Motion continues to provide programs that build confidence, comfort, strength, and community because of the donors and volunteers that support our efforts. Any amount is welcome and will be used to sustain the miracles we see all the time at Miracles in Motion.  If you would like to help support Miracles in Motion by volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Now page. If you can reinforce our strong foundation with a donation, please see our donation possibilities. Perhaps you can join the monthly donation group We Believe in Miracles. Some of the giving options are:

     * Adopt a Horse for $100/month, $1200/year

     * Provide a rider in need with a scholarship for one session for $225

     * All our horses need senior horse food. Provide one month's food for $50


2018 Donors

Business, Corporation, Foundation, and Grant Income

$2500 or greater
Crescent Janko 
Hills Bank & Trust 
McIntyre Foundation 
South Slope 

$1000 - $2,499 
C R Corvette Club 
James Investment Group 
Master Tool & Manufacturing 
McNutt Equine Veternarian, Dr. James McNutt 
Midwest One Bank 
Rick & Donna Flynn Fund of GCRCF 

$500 - $999 
Accel Group 
Alliant Energy 
Circle K Horse & RV Camp 
Leash on Life 
Southgate Companies 
University of Iowa Community Credit Union 

All American Miniature Horse Club 
American Legion Auxiliary #131 
American Legion Auxiliary Conrad 
American Legion Auxiliary Marshall County 
American Legion Auxiliary Swisher 
Barr Asset Management 
D & R Pest Control 
Eastern Iowa Autism Society 
Girl Scout Troop 8423 
Hoover Social Fund 
Iowa Quarter Horse Assn Dist 1 
Keystone Elementary 
Kiracofe Oil Company 
Lakeview Miniatures 
Liscomb Legion Auxiliary 
Lynch Dallas, Attorneys at Law 
Marion Process Solutions 
Robin Ballantyne, Greenbriar Riding Academy 
Sense & Cents-Ability Investment Club 
St Pius Parrish 
St. Meyer & Hubbard 
Total Nuisance, Wildlife Removal Svc, David Fulwider 
Wednesday Club




South Slope Cooperative Communications 

Donations in Honor, in Memory, and in Kind

In memory of: 

Suzanne Miller Allen 

Alex Brems 

Ryan Brems 

Nancy Goodale 

Shilah Lindle 

Amy McClure 

Carole Ribble 

Cheryl Stone 

Ethan, Seth, Mira, & Eleanor Sueppel 

Maximilian Trzcinski 

Verne Upmier

In honor of: 

McKenna Below 

Bob Brems 

Pat Burrows 

Maddie DeVore 

Andrew Eells 

Kimberly Eigenberger 

David Hannon 

Logan Hansen 

Diana Harris 

John Hayes 

Carol & Michael Hefferen 

Nancy Hauserman 

Lois James 

Dyan Kriener 

Bill Matthes 

Karla Miller 

Larry & Diana Pesek 

Frank Plummer 

Polly & Elizabeth Sid

In Kind:

Stan Barta 

Patricia Burrows 

Carol Cowan 

Jan Gorman 

Deidra Green, 3rd Dist Jr. ALA Pres 

Diana Harris 

Sharol Hatch 

Theresa Havlik 

Sarah Jacobs 

Lois James 

Pat Kenner 

JoAnn Klein 

Samantha Rand 

Doug Robertson 

Diane Roetlin 

Nichole Slabach 

Becky Tranter 

James & Nikole Tutton 

Jackie Wallace 

Ronnye Wieland 

Traci Wood 

Denise Zern 

Ace Electric 

Dan & Debbie's Creamery 

Fireside Winery 

Home Repair Team 

Iowa Plains Signing, Inc. 

Kathy's Pies 

Liscomb Legion Auxiliary 

Lynch Plumbing 

Maggie's Fire Wood Pizza 

Munson Electric 

Something to Share

Boo at the Barn and 30th Anniversary Donors

Boo at the Barn: Silent Auction

Air Fx

AMC Movie Theatre

Big Picture Gallery & Studio

Kamden Chadwick

Kate Chadwick

College Sitter Contacts

Dave & Janice Dangel

French Connections

Iowa Children's Museum



Riverside Casino

The Good Earth

Boo at the Barn Partners

A1 Rental

A5 Art Show


College Sitter Contacts

Corridor Autism Resource Expo

Courage League of Sports

D & R Pest Control


Hardy Lawn Furniture

Iowa City Autism Community

Learning Rx


Rapids Reprographics

SouthSlope Cooperative

Space Walk of Cedar Rapids


Spectrum Project

Spectrum Steam

Tanager Place

The Arc of East Central Iowa

The Good Earth

The Superhero Initiative

Unity Point Health Cedar Rapids - Witer Children's Therapy

University of Iowa CDD

30th Celebration - Silent Auction

Bob & Colleen Brems

Bloomsbury Farms

Bur Oak

Cedar Rapids Kernels

Mary & Jeff Chadwick

Circle K Horse Camp

Dave & Janice Dangel

Robin Deutschendorf

First Things First Foundation

French Creek Creations-Ronda & Tony Parker

Lois James

Leash on Life

Diana Mason

Karla Miller

Ken Manley

Amy Petta

Sheri Seggerman

South Slope

Larua Young

Individual Donations

$10,000 or greater

James, Lois

$2,500 - $9,999

Bower, LuAnn at Dark Horse Farm

Pratt, Mary & Jim

Tranter, Becky

Walker, Jean

Wilhelm, Jacqueline

$500 - $2,499

Bernacki, Rhonda & Dan

Brems, Bob & Colleen

Carter, Dennis & Katha

Deisbeck , Chuck & Ellen

Graw, Chris & Kiley

Hatch, Sharon

Hauser. Stephen

Hauserman, Nancy

Mathews, Katherine

Rissi, Matt & Red

Roberts, Dave & Rita

Schnoebelen, S.A.

Sheeley, Amber

Stallman, Raphael

Tarrant, Liz

Walters, Sandy

Zehr, Fred & Joann


Allison, Ruth

Allison, Stephen & Keith

Allison, Dudley & Ruth

Anderson, Sharon

Bailey, Karma & Kirk

Bailey, Thomas & Jacqueline

Bardach, Ewa, Hani & Nina

Baynes, Molly & Joshua

Begunck, Phyllis

Berdo, Tom & Bertie

Berns, Susan & Larry

Blank, Jackie

Bott, Jean

Bounds, Jennifer

Boyd, Diane

Brems, Thomas

Bucheit, Mary & Tom

Burgess, Mark

Burr, Cindy

Callaway, Dorothy

Callison & Demeulenaere, Gary & Mary Jo

Cappa, Paul & Patricia

Chadwick , Mary

Clemens, Carol

Coggeshall, Melissa

Cook, Suellen & William

Crawford, Ellen

Daly, Carol

Davidson, Patty

Davis, Viola

DeMaris, Shari

DeVore, Maddie

Dillon, Deb & Ely

Djerf, Kristine

Dowd, Beth

Downes, Kristen

Dubishar, Shelby

Eells, Don & Gwen

Elliott, Maggie

Ellis, Shari

Friauf, Gerry

Funk, Diane

Funk, Charles & Connie

Gallet, Lisa & Andre

Gorman, Jan

Greiner, Angela Ann

Gurlus & Clutho, Kathy & Dan

Hagen, David & Jussara Kiya

Hammond, Donna

Harris, Diana

Hatch, Sharon

Hayes, James

Hickman, Mark

Hickman, Dennis

Hopkins, Linda & Nathan

Hopper, Darwin

Hotchkiss, Holly

Howe, Jeannette

Hudson, Dan & Nancy

Johnson, Mary

Kelly, Theresa

Kirkpatrick, Carol & Thomas

Kitzman, Sue

Klein, JoAnn

Koehn, Susan & Kurt

Kriz, Lori & Dave

Kuperman, Samuel & Marjorie

Kutilek, Steve

Lacina, Dianne

LeMont, Marlene

Leverman, Fred

Littlehale, Bob

Logas, Derek

Luedtke, David & Janet

Lueras, George & Patricia

Lynch, Sharon

Maiers, Marty & Ann

Mandt, Tom & Bertie

Manning, Kelly

Matthes, Michelle

Maxwell, Michelle & Mark

McCausland, Susan

McClure, Joy & Robert

McGowan, Marge

McMahon, Jack & Dana

McTaggart, William

Meade, Dick

Miller, Karla

Miller, Kevin

Miller, Susan

Mockler, Shelley

Molloy, Joan

Moore, Susan

Myatt, Janet

Nagle, Kristin Arnold & Alan

Nauseef, Judy & Bill

Panther, Norma

Payne-Christiansen, Erin

Petry, Nanci

Petta, Chris

Phye, Julie

Price, Dean & Donna

Pulkrabek, Lonnie

Radford, Julie

Ramsey, Dorothy

Rehmert, Linda

Ries, Shirley & Merle

Roetlin, Diane

Rogers, Stephen & Sue

Rosazza, Trudi & John

Schneider, Mark

Schnoebelen, Stephanie & Brintle, Lee

Seggerman, Sheri

Several, McClure memorials

Shileny, Lisa & AaronShullaw, Susan

Simma, Brad & Lisa

Simpkin-Hichwa, Mary E

Smith, Jamie

Songeroth & Cross, Tracy & Judy

Soska, Kathryn

Stinski, Mary Ellen

Stitzell, John

Stockman, Amy & Dean

Strabala, John

Stump, Susan

Summerwill, Kristin

Taylor, Barbara

Thompson, Sue Ann

Turner, Paul & Suzanne

Turney, Brenda

Urmie, Kenneth & Julie

Wallace, Jackie

Walters, Sandy

Washaburn, Rosemary

Weaver, Margaret

Weeks, Julie

Weno, Michele

Wenzel, Dave

Wessels, Marlys

White, Mary

Wiand, Dawn Oliver

Wieland, Ronnye

Wilkerson, Hunt

Woolley, Lisa

Wulfhorst, Mark & Jenny

Yardley, Rosemary & James