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Miracles in Motion

Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Rider Testimonial

Jonathan's Poem for the Horse

I am lost in my head

to you my friend.

Every time I'm riding on you

I feel nice about the way you move.

Going to gird up my pace with yours

Together we will make lots of mighty tours.

Fine in making fun with buddies

Love the way your tail swirls to manifest your beauty.



[Jonathan does hippotherapy at Miracles.                                                                                          He does not speak.]

Parent Testimonial

My daughter, who has Down's [Down] syndrome, has been riding with Miracles in Motion for several years. It is amazing that working to ride and care for a horse is not only therapeutic but also improves her skills and development. Through Miracles, we have seen her muscle tone, coordination, attention, and speech improve. The great strides in endurance and strength have enabled her to participate more in her peers' activities of running,jumping, and playing. Nicole, parent of a rider at Miracles

Volunteer Testimonials

The most meaningful part of my Miracles experience was the transformation I saw in the special needs riders that participated in the therapeutic riding programs. To watch the rider's confidence increase and to witness his joy was an intense emotional experience for his care providers, the volunteers, and myself. I have been a mental health therapist for 40 years. Seldom have I see the profound joy that was experiences by all of us at Miracles. a Miracles volunteer

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such an unexpectedly fulfilling experience. Admittedly, my initial motivation was to gain familiarity with horses, and at the same time, help out as a side-walker. I wasn't prepared for the emotional attachments to all those young riders, let alone a unique attachment to one particular rider. I realized that I'm not walking along side those kids, but rather walking along with them. Something happens inside as I hold on to them, feeling their struggles, their discomfort, and most familiar to me, their frustration. Most uplifting, however, is sharing their joy, their laughter, and their sense of freedom and control.  a Miracles volunteer

Leadership Program

I was impressed by the amount of customization woven into the team-building exercises with the horses. The facilitators did a great job of mimicking our customer relationships to illustrate how we could improve both our internal and external communications and interactions. A very enlightening and fun event for our whole team.  Brittany with Rockwell Collins