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Miracles in Motion

Therapeutic Equestrian Center

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At Miracles in Motion we use horses to work effectively with adults and children who, due to disabilities or complex medical conditions, need assistance in developing the kinds of everyday skills that allow them to function more independently at home, school, or work.
We offer several options for people with physical, motor, social or cognitive disabilities, including therapeutic riding, hippotherapy, un-mounted programs or a combination of these experiences to aid in rehabilitation, therapy routines and strengthening. 


Hippotherapy is a treatment strategy used by trained physical, occupational, and speech therapists as part of an integrated therapy plan of care. Hippotherapy has been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development, and emotional well-being (AHA, 2011). Miracles has partnered with St. Luke's Witwer Children's Therapy Center, Mercy Medical Center, the University of Iowa Center for Disabilities & Development, and Children's Center for Therapy. Billing is done through the therapy agencies. 

Heroes in Motion

The Heroes in Motion Program is designed with not only the veteran in mind, but also the family or partners that provide support and are also experiencing challenges and changes. For that reason, we offer sessions for couples to work side by side in our program or work to create some events in which the entire family can participate to reduce the sense of isolation and create a shared experience.  The program focuses on communication, anxiety reduction, impulse modulation, assertiveness, and creative freedom. Scholarships are available to cover class fees. 

Therapeutic Riding - Dates and Times to be Announced

Therapeutic Riding focuses on building strength and confidence for riders with social, motor or other developmental challenges.  On a horse these children feel like "everyone else" and develop their skills at a remarkable rate that carries over to other improvements in day-to-day life.  Weekly classes consist of 5-6 students, 10-15 volunteers and a PATH certified instructor.  Students are grouped according to age and ability, and are given goals provided by the instructor. Lesson plans are designed to provide students with the opportunity to succeed. Classes are once a week for 50 minutes for a duration of five weeks and cost $225. Scholarships are available for assistance with class fees.  

The services below will be offered in the future. Check back in summer 2017 to see what is available.

Corporate Programs: Leadership in Motion and Team Building

Miracles in Motion believes that leaders build communities.  Our unique program helps create esprit de corps while developing authentic leadership skills.  Faculty members from the University of Kentucky Center for Leadership Development partner to provide leadership programs for intact teams or as part of a corporate development program. With immediate and non-judgmental feedback, working with horses allows participants to focus on competencies such as relational problem solving, awareness and taking action through developing kinesthetic intelligence to create trust. Email or call us for questions on pricing. 

Get Grounded!

It is hard to take a break in the winter months after seeing the progress students have over the warmer months of the year.  The horses need a break from riding classes, but a good grooming and a little fun can be beneficial for the horse, and therapeutically beneficial for the students. These one-on-one sessions with the instructor and horse vary, but often include: grooming, leading lessons, putting on or removing the saddle or bridle and "games" to learn how to be effective while interacting with horses.  This unique opportunity continues the therapy benefits and encourages important life skills between sessions or as a supplement to our other programs. Classes cost $30 a class per student for 30-40 minutes

Leg Up!

The Leg Up Program for area youth, aged 12 to 18, who are deemed "at risk." Students are referred by area educators, parents, residential facility staff, and therapists. They participate in a 3-part curriculum including horse care (feed, healthcare, grooming, tacking), equestrian knowledge (horse behavior, conformation, breeds, colors, etc.) and riding skills. Students work in teams with our volunteers under the supervision of a certified riding instructor and the staff of the referring organization. They learn and demonstrate riding, equestrian knowledge and sportsmanship/leadership skills. Leg Up classes are scheduled in the afternoon and last two hours. Classes cost $30 a class per student for 30-40 minutes

Semi-Private Lessons
For students wishing to progress at a faster pace, semi-private lessons are available. Please email or call if you are interested. The fee for semi-private lessons is $50/lesson for 30 minutes.